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      One of our primary concerns these days are the high costs of health insurance. If you want to contain your own insurance costs, it will take perseverence, a pragmatic approach and the time to investigate options. This is where we can help.

       Think your getting a good buy on your health insurance for your dependents through you or your spouses employer? You may not !  Here's why. The employers rates are based on the demographics of the business and more importantly the health of the employees and dependents. Any unhealthy members who have, for example, high blood pressure or diabetes or any condition that requires medication on an ongoing basis increases the premium for the whole group. You may be paying up the 30% more than you need.

Todays new programs, such as HSA's (Health Savings Accounts) are great ways to stabilize your insurance dollars.

Call today and we will be glad to explain in more detail how these new ideas can benefit you. 


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